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Welcome to The Artful Crafter's Craft Plans and Patterns. Most are free! A lot are professionally designed. Some are submitted by our readers. Some are my own.

And some are provided by craft vendors and computer printer manufacturers. Of course they hope you will purchase the necessary supplies from them; but it's not required. Pretty nice of them, don't you think?

Feel free to submit a craft plan or pattern of your own if you would like to share with your fellow crafters. Just click on the "Contact" button on the bottom of the page to send them in.

If you have a website be sure to include your link, so we can send our readers to visit you.

Thanks to our generous fellow crafters and craft supply vendors for making all this possible. If you like our vendors' project ideas please let them know ... and let them know where you saw them.

Table of Contents


Autumn Leaves Beaded Napkin Rings
Colorful napkin rings in fall colors.

Beaded Hanging Bud Vase
How to make a pretty beaded bud vase for summer decorating.

Beaded Christmas Tree
Create a family heirloom with this beautiful beaded tree.

Beaded Christmas Tree Decorations
Add the finishing touches to your tree.

Bead Your Own Sandals
How to dress up old or plain sandals with beadwork.

Beaded Key Rings or Cell Phone Charms
How to make these simple beaded accessories.

Beading Parties
A fun idea for kids and adults alike.

Beading Party Tips
How to make your beading party a success.

Fall Fantasy Beaded Necklace & Earrings Set
How to bead a matching necklace and earring set.

Faux Pearl Bracelets
Pearls are the Perfect accessory - How to Make 3 classic bracelets in 30 minutes.

Memory Wire Beaded Bracelets
Easy, fun to make beaded bracelets.

Three Beaded Bracelet Designs
Three original beaded bracelet designs and how-to-make tutuorials.

Valentines Heart Beaded Key Ring or Cell Phone Bob
A great Valentines gift.


Altered Altoid Tins
Recycle old tins into gift boxes.

Applique Treasure Chest
A small box for little treasures.

Recycle Cool Product Boxes
Recycle cool product boxes to organize and beautify using decoupage techniques.

Decorative Note Card Box Pattern
How to make a decorative box to match your note cards.

Decorated Ribbon Box
A fancy way to store your ribbons.

Mosaic Eggshells Decorative Box
How to make a colorful decorative box using old eggshells.

Recycled Coffee Cans
Save and decorate old coffee cans.

Recycled Soap Box Mini-Gift Bag
How to make and customize colorful mini-gift bags using old Dove soap boxes.

Secret Box Book
How to make a secret hide away.


Potpourri Tart Recipe
How to make scented wax disks to melt as a potpourri.

Zero Cost Candle
How to make decorative candles that cost nothing.

Clay & Glazes

Baby Footprint Pendant
How to make a one of a kind clay pendant.

Clay Pendants
How to copy professional made clay pendants.

Clay Tile Pattern
Make and frame your own hand made tiles using Sculpey Polymer Clay.

Painted Tile Pattern
Easy to make and attractive hand painted framed tile wall hanging.

Polymer Clay Millefiore Beads
Improvising your polymer clay recipe to make millefiore beads.

Paper Clay Roses
How to make and decorate these beautiful roses.

Polymer Clay Peace Pendant
A colorful one of a kind pendant.

Polymer Clay Tribal Necklace
Using molds to make clay necklace and earrings.

Sculpey Clay Dot Flowerpot
A cute little decorative item.

Snow People Sculpture
A simple sculpture using homemade clays.


Crochet Star
Finding or creating crochet patterns.

Crocheted Flowers and Leaves
Free crochet patterns.

Granny Square
How to crochet a basic pattern.

How to Crochet a Flowered Scarf
A beginners crochet project


Decoupage Patterns
Ideas and tips for creating a decoupage wall hanging.

Decoupage on MDF vs. Wood
The advantages and disadvantages of using MDF rather than wood for decoupage.

Gift Bags

Paper Mini-Gift Bag Pattern
A simple to make mini gift bag for small treasures.

Starry Gift Bag
A shimmering, starry gift bag, excellent for Holiday gift giving.

Vanilla Gift Bag Pattern
A simple gift bag pattern for small objects.


Button Bracelets
How to design and make button bracelets.

Eyeglass Lens Pin
Turn old eyeglassses into pretty pins.

Faceted Gem Stone Pendant Pattern
A free pattern for a attractive gem stone pendant necklace.

Fiber Bracelet
How to make colorful bracelets.

Frame Earring Holder
A way to display your earrings while keeping them available.

Memory Wire Beaded Bracelets
Easy, fun to make beaded bracelets.

Mirrored Wall Cabinet Jewelry Holder
A decoraive wall hanging that doubles as a jewelry holder.

Mother of Pearl Necklace and Earring Set
How to make a mother of pearl necklace and earring set with your own collected sea shells.

Precious Metal Clay Jewelry
Make your own fine jewelry.

Two Generations of Hope Bracelet
This chain maille bracelet, started by my mother over 50 years ago, represents two generations of hope.

Misc Patterns

Arts and Crafts Using Everyday Items
There's no need to buy specialized items to craft.

Bag Drying Rack
Recycle your old plastic bags with Shaaron's Bag Drying Rack.

Birch Bark Lampshades
How to make a fire resistant paper birch bark lamp shade - how to mix your own fire retardant.

Cartoon Character Desk Clock
How to make colorful clocks to make you smile.

Cheery Spring Wall Hanging
A no-sew pattern - perfect for a little girl's room.

Craft Foam Beach Themed Refrigerator Magnets
How to make colorful beach themed magnets.

Country Critter Wall Plague
How to make a country-style hanging plaque.

Craft Foam Placements
How to make 'Spring' themed or 'Easter Pysanky Egg' craft foam placemats.

Crafty Landscaping
Ideans to help you design landscaping that matches your creative side.

Crafty Mirror Ideas
How to add flair to your walls by dressing up your mirror frames.

Easy Dyed Silk Scarf
An easy method for dying a silk scarf.

Fall Triple Wreath
How to make seasonal themed wreaths.

Faux Milk Glass
Recycle clear glass containers you've saved into nostalgic looking faux milk glass objects.

Faux Rose Topiary
A nice tabletop topiary.

Feathered Hair Clip
Make your own unique feathered hair clip.

Flip Flop Wine Coaster Pattern
A perfect wine coaster for summer parties.

Simple Floral Crafts
Simple floral crafts to add some pizzazz to your life.

Flower Box and Seed Strip Planting Kit
This 3-in-1 craft makes a perfect gift for mom or any gardener.

Flower Crafts
Easy to make flower crafts to bring spring into your home.

Foam Door Hanger Pattern
How to make colorful foam door hangers.

French Maid Wine "Butler"
A fun way to make your wine gifts fancier.

Glass Etching Techniques
The right and wrong ways to etch glass with stencils and Armou Etch or with hobbyist sand blasting kits.

Glimmer Mist Recipes
How to make your own glimmer mist to dress up your crafts.

Haiti House Decorated Tote Bag
Another no-sewing decorated tote bag idea for you.

Hand Painted Dresses
An easy way to dress up your dresses.

Heavy Plate Hanger
How to make your own.

How to Preserve Flowers
Even the most delicate blooms can be preserved. Just remember that preserved flowers take on a look all their own.

Jute Decorated Flower Pot
Tutorial for an easy to make jute covered flower pot - a great gift for Mom on her day.

Metal Repoussé
A twist on doodling - Done on thin metal known as in metal repousseacute; or metal embossing.

More Craft Patterns
A dazzling array of patterns for just about anything, free from and

Oilcloth Covered Purse Accessories
How to make practical pretty oilcloth covered purse accessories.

Painted Sticks and Other Ephemera
Twigs, fallen branches, hardy seed pods and nuts can be repurposed into pretty decorative accents for your home.

Painting Silk
Painting silk using dye resist techniques provides a terrific way to learn silk painting.

Perpetual Reminder Calendar
A decorative handy way to keep track of recurring tasks.

Picture Frame Tray
Capture your magic moments in a pretty tray.

Popsicle Stick Pencil Holder
An easy to make kid's craft.

Preserving Trip Memories with Themed Kits
Preserving vacation memories using themed kits.

Reed Scent Diffuser
How to make this elegant home decor item.

Summer Crafts Your Family Will Love to Make
Summer craft ideas to engage your children during the school vacation period.

Travel Art Journal
Using the Zutter Bind-It-All for professional results.

Vintage Bottle Vases
How to create pretty vintage look bottle vases by recycling old glass pieces.

Wine Bottle Mood Light
A sophisticated mood light to set a tranquil atmosphere.

Foam Wine Butler Pattern
An easy way to dress up a wine gift.

Paper Crafts

3-D Botanical Print Note Cards
How to create a 3-d effect when making note cards.

3D Heartily Hybrid Card
How to make a multi-purpose 3D gatefold card from a template.

3D Heartily Hybrid Card Goes Postal
Adapting three-dimensional cards to send through the postal system.

Blooming Paper Handmade Cards
How to make lovely paper that blooms into flowers to use in your handmade cards.

Unique Bookmarks
How to design unique bookmarks using digital tools.

Card Care Connection
How to make hand crafted card projects for your own use or for charity.

Coffee Filter Paper Roses
How to make large colorful paper roses.

Crafty Coordinated Card and Envelope
How to make a unique card and envelope set the easy way with the Crafter's Companion Ultimate.

Creating Creative Postcards
Customize your postcards to make them more creative and entertaining.

Customized Envelopes
You can create any size envelopes with the Crafter's Companion Tool.

Della Robia Wine Glass Collars
A colorful way to identify wine glasses at a party. It also makes a nice place setting.

Die Cut Window Card
How to make a die cut window card - Crafty tricks and mixed media ideas.

Digitally Designed Valentines Day Card
Add WOW to handmade cards using digital styles.

How to Make a Digital Tag
How to create a three dimensional looking tag for your layouts.

Doodling Around
A Fun Way to Pass the Time

Doodle CD Case Calendar
How to make a doodle CD case calendar using a free download and Photoshop.

Easy Money Holder Card
Cash is always a welcome gift - personalize it with a pretty handmade folder.

Elegant Paper Flowers
How to make fancy paper flower blossoms.

Envelope Book Tutorial
For small treasures and clutter.

Fall Leaves Handmade Card Pattern
A beautiful autumn themed greeting card.

Flower Fairies
Recycle paper flowers into these cute fairies.

Greeting Card Gift Boxes
Illustrated instructions to make cute gift boxes from old - or new - greetings cards.

Home Decorating Patterns
Use your computer and printer to jazz up your house. Courtesy of Good Housekeeping Magazine and Hewlitt-Packard.

Gift-Matching Hybrid Cards
How to make hybrid cards to match your gifts.

Hand Made Cards on the Fly
Ideas for quick and easy hand made greeting cards.

How to Transfer an Image to Fabric
How to image transfer to fabric using inkjet transparencies and gel medium.

How to Create Art Cards Using Crafter's Companion Ultimate Crafting Tool and the Xyron Creatopia
How to use two new craft tools.

Iris Folded Card
Iris folded card paper craft designs resemble the iris of a camera or eye as the iris opens and closes.

Laminated Tasseled Bookmarks
How to make original bookmarks.

Matching Gift Boxes
How to create a gift box to coordinate with the gift card or even the gift itself.

Mixed Media Card
How to make a greeting card that combines digital and traditional card making techniques with a touch of mixed media art.

Mixed Media Butterfly Tags
Multi-colored embossed gift tags are quick and easy with the right tools.

How to Make a Monoprint
Monoprint means 'one print', but here's how to get two prints in one.

Patterns & Templates for Your Computer
Patterns for everything from greeting cards, to wrapping paper, to scrapbook pages to quilt patterns, all free from printer manufacturers.

Open Door Card Design
An original card design ideal for open house invitations.

Paper Clay Recipe and Resources
Recipe and resources for paper clay and paper mache.

Paper Giant Red Remembrance Poppies
How to make giant red remembrance poppies for Memorial Day from tissue paper, crepe paper or coffee filters.

Paper Mache
Making paper mache characters.

Paper Tole 3D Decoupage
How to make 3D paper tole decoupage greeting cards.

Peek-a-Boo Card Design
An excellent card design for smaller children's birthdays.

Personalized Keepsake Calendar
How to make a personalied keepsake calendar.

Photo Calendar
How to make a calendar incorporating your own photos.

Polyurethane Transfer Collage
Polyurethane transfer collage - Mixed media postcard art results from a reader question about image transfers.

Pop-Up Place Cards
Place cards for any occassion.

Pressed Flower Card
How to collect and press flowers for crafting a beautiful pressed flower card.

Ruffled Ribbon Card
How to make a sweet ruffled ribbon card.

Summer Fun Scrapbook
An easy to make scrapbook for your children's summer fun.

Tag in Pocket Card
Reusable and 3 dimensional components add special touches to the handmade 'Just for You' - tag in pocket card.

Teabag Tile Rosette
Tea bag tile rosette folding creates lovely kaleidescope effects.

Tea Light Birthday Cake and Card Project
A colorful and unique tea light birthday card and gift tutorial.

Then & Now Anniversary Card
A card idea that can be used to commemorate any milestone.

Transfer Laser Images with Any Polyvinyl Acetate Medium
Pictorial tutorial explaining how to transfer laser images with any polyvinyl acetate medium.

Tubular Wine Bottle Tote
How to make a tubular wine bottle tote from a cardboard mailing tube.

Two Unique Cards at Once
How to design two unique notecards on a single page - Design once; print once; and get two unique cards.

Unique Envelopes
The Utimate Crafter's Companion tool makes making envelopes easy but they can still be made the old-fashioned way.

Unique Hand Made Card Ideas
More hand made card ideas to challenge your crafting skills.

Unique Logo Name Tags
How to make original laminated name tags.

Bound Vellum Notebook
A Zutter Bind-It-All tutorial.

Hand Made Wedding Card Pattern
Make a unique wedding card using rubber stamps.

Party Planning

Baby Footprint Baby Shower Invitations
Ideas on how to make original baby shower invitations.

Birthday Crafts
How to make crafts an intergral part of your child's next bithday party.

Clay Pot Table Bouquet
Transform a simple clay pot into a beautiful centerpiece.

Easy Party Craft Ideas
Two quick and easy party planning ideas.

Foam Baby Shower Invitation Pattern
A cute foam baby shower invitation everyone will love.

Red Hat Card
Design and print custom cards.

Vellum Birth Announcement
Pattern for a simple, but fancy, birth announcement.

How to Make Basic Wedding Favors
Easy to make wedding favor ideas.

Natural Wedding Invitation
A pretty invitaion using natural materials.

Wedding or Homecoming Garter Pattern
Make your own fancy garters with this easy pattern and save money.

Wet Embossing Using Your Desktop Printer
How to do wet embossing using your desktop printer.

Ribbon Crafts

Candy Cane Ribbon Weaving Instructions
How to weave a candy ribbon braid.

Diamondback Ribbon Weaving Instructions
How to weave a diamondback ribbon braid.

Easy Ribbon Fish
A simple way to weave ribbon fish.

Ribbon Embellished Wall Letters
A great way to dress up a girl's room.

Ribbon Bird Pattern
How to make a ribbon bird.

Illustrated Instructions for Weaving Ribbon Fish
How to weave a fish from ribbon or palm fronds.

Ruffled Ribbon
How to make pretty ruffled ribbon to dress up packages and cards.

Spirit Chains
How to weave a spirit chain for your homecoming mums.


Bed Skirts
How to sew your own bed skirt.

Blue Jean Book Bag Pattern
Recycle an old pair of blue jeans using this simple pattern.

Creature Pillows
Kids will love these easy-to-create almost no-sew creature pillows.

Finishing a Quilt
The final steps in making a quilt.

Garment and Shoe Bags from Recycled Shower Curtains
Clean out that linen closet and put some old fabric shower curtains to a new use.

Hanging Fabric Baskets
Hanging fabric baskets can be made in many sizes to fit your needs and have many uses.

Heart Shaped Quilted Wish Pillow
Sleep on your wishes.

How to Sew the Curves of an Ivy Cap
No matter what you call it, sewing the curves on a flat cap can be tricky.

How to Sew a Handy Hanging Towel
Recycle old towels into handy cloths to hang by the sink.

Koi Tote Bag
A fishy craft idea.

Knotted Scarf
An easy to make scarf.

Panadiére, A French Bread Basket Pattern
An easy to make pattern for a Panadiére, a French Bread Basket.

Customized Tote Bag Pattern
This is a pattern of one of my personal best sellers, a self-enclosed tote with a customized logo.

Double Eyeglass Case Pattern
A simple easy-to-make pattern.

No Sew Decorator Pillows
A simple way to dress up plain pillows.

Pet Collars and Totes
Three craft ideas for dressing up your pets.

Pin Cushion Bracelet
How to make a simple pin cushion bracelet using left over scraps of fabric.

Quilted Coaster
How to sew a quilted coaster.

Quilted Lap Robe
How to make a lap robe using upholstery samples.

Quilted Trivet
Make a trivet to match your decor.

Road Trip Toy Bag
Road trip toy bag keeps children occupied and cars clutter-free.

Ruffled Flower Pillow
Dress up a room with a lovely flowered bolster pillow that costs pennies to make.

Skirt in a Jiffy
A very simple sewing pattern.

Stretchy Shoe Bag Pattern
Made with Lycra, shoe bags that will fit men's or women's shoes.

Travel Pouch Pattern
Pattern for a secure travel pouch to wear around your neck.

Zippered Oilcloth Bag Pattern
Make colorful oilcloth bags.


Felted Soap Bars
Colorful soap bars for gentle exfoliating.

Soap Petals
Very easy soap craft idea.


Make Original Art Stamps from Craft Foam
Fun projects to do with craft foam - make original art stamps.

Stamped Light Switch Covers
Match switch plate and outlet covers to your room's decor using rubber stamps.

Holiday Craft Patterns


Add a Crafty Touch to Make Even a Simple Gift Special Make last minute quick Christmas cookie gifts.

Quick Beaded Ornaments

Acrylic Bead Ornament - Variation One Acrylic Bead Ornament - Variation Two Acrylic Bead Ornament - Variation Three Colorful kids Christmas crafts. Beaded Card stock Ornaments Colorful, easy-to-make by kids Christmas ornaments. Beaded Fringe Christmas Angel A beautiful Christmas decoration. Beaded Icicle Christmas Ornament Easy to make colorful Christmas ornament. Bread Dough Clay Holly Leaf Ornament Easy to make bread dough ornament - Christmas Craft for Children. Character Light Bulb Ornaments How to make light bulb ornaments that add character to your Christmas Tree. Child Art Christmas Card How to feature your child's art on your family Christmas cards. Christmas Bookmark Pattern An easy CreataCard project for a kindergarten class looking to make Christmas gifts for their parents. Christmas Cotton Angel Instructions How to make a cotton boll Christmas angel. Christmas Decorating on a Budget Some ideas for low cost do-it-yourself Christmas decorations. Christmas Ornament Ideas Simple attractive ornaments using everyday craft materials. Christmas Stocking Advent Calendar How to make a colorful and different Advent Calendar to delight your children or grandchildren. Christmas Tree Place card Holder A delightful addition to your holiday dinner table. Clay Pot Baby Snowman Ornament Another cute Christmas decoration. Clay Pot Nutcracker Ornament A cute Christmas ornament. Clay Pot Reindeer Ornament Use as an ornament, centerpiece or place card holder. Clay Pot Snowman Christmas decoration. Clothespin Christmas Ornaments How to make these cute Clothespin Christmas Ornaments - Handmade Christmas ornaments make special keepsakes. Cork Reindeer Ornaments Recycle old corks into cute reindeer Christmas tree ornaments. Country Look Angel Holiday Ornament Step-by-step tutorial on how to make a Country Look Angel Holiday Ornament. Craft Ideas: Christmas Keepsake Album Decoupage your Christmas cards and letters, creating a memorable keepsake. Digital Images for Handmade Ornaments How to transfer digital images to handmade ornaments. Hand Made Glittery Christmas Ornaments Add sparkle to your tree with these glittery Christmas ornaments. Iridescent Ornament Christmas craft for children of all ages. Five Christmas Card Ideas to Delight the Senses Five unique ways to make your Christmas cards special this year. Gold Washed Etched Glass Votive Candle Holders How to make etched glass candle holders for gift or sale. Handmade Christmas Card Pattern A collage based Christmas card design. Hand Decorated Christmas Ornaments Decorate your own Christmas ornaments and create memories. Holiday Visuals Ditch the holiday letter by using digital scrapbooking techniques. Kids Crafts for Christmas Patterns for simple Christmas crafts your kids can do. Lace Snowflake How to make elegant holiday decor. "Caroler's" Collage Christmas Card Pattern Instructions for a handmade Christmas card using wet embossing and collage techniques. "Peace" Christmas Card Pattern Instructions for an embossed handmade Christmas card. "Angels We Have Heard on High" Christmas Card Pattern Instructions for an stamped handmade Christmas Card. Beaded Christmas Ornament An elegant addition to your tree. Embellished Christmas Wreath How to make a silvery pearl-embellished Christmas wreath. Gingerbread House How to make gingerbread and construct a gingerbread house. Glitter Glue Ornament An easy to make handmade ornament. Pinecone Ornaments Make your own glittery pine cone ornaments. Poinsettia Wired Ribbon Christmas Ornament Make your ornaments fancier. Reindeer Gift Card Mini-Bags How to make these darling gift bags for a gift card, for money, or any little trinket. Ribbon Angel Christmas Ornament How to make an attractive handmade Christmas ornament. Ribbon Christmas Ornament Colorful, easy to make ornaments. Silver Poinsettia Christmas Ornament Elegant but simple. Snowflake Christmas Ornament Colorful, glittery snowflake patterns. Tassel Christmas Ornament Fancy, but easy to make. "Tip Frosty's Hat" Christmas Card Pattern An unique photo-album card that replaces the annual Christmas newsletter. Wire Ribbon Christmas Candle An easy to make decorative Christmas Candle. Wrapping Paper and Floral Cone Christmas Trees An easy Holiday craft. Wreaths How to make Christmas or year round wreaths.


Hatching Bunny 3D Decoupage Card How to make a cute Easter card using decoupage techniques. Art Deco Glittered Egg How to add glitter or seed beads for special Easter eggs. Box Easter Bunny A cute gift idea made of craft boxes. Easter Craft Gifts Sometimes the best craft ideas come as gifts. Clay Pot Easter Bunny and Chicks Simple clay pots make cute spring and Easter decorations. Easter Egg Cup How to make a colorful Easter egg cup decoration. Easter Egg Seed Cards How to make Easter Egg seed cards - each one comes with a spring surprise inside. Easter Egg Tree Preparing and decorating your eggs for your annual Easter Egg Tree. Easter Potted Egg Centerpiece A colorful addition to to Holiday table. Easter Symbol Clay Charm Bracelet Display symbols of Christianity with this polymer clay Easter symbol charm bracelet.

Decorated Easter Eggs

Dyed Sticker Egg Glittered Egg Decoupage Egg Marker Egg Gold and Silver Leaf Eggs Waterslide Decal Egg Rub-on Decal Egg Gold Embossed Egg Rhinestone Egg Additional Easter Egg Ideas Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs Use ingredients from your garden for unusual easter egg finishes Spring Easter Lamb Place Card Holder Reusable Lamb Place Cards Holder For Your Spring Festivities Victorian Rose Embellished Goose Egg How to prepare and decorate a Victorian Rose Embellished Goose Egg


CD Ghost Halloween craft for kids. Halloween Apple Shrunken Heads Ghoulish Halloween craft. Halloween Cup Cake Holder A holiday centerpiece. Halloween Glow in the Dark Garland A spooky Halloween party decoration. Halloween Treat Bottles How to design and make these cute 'Pick Your Poison' Halloween treat bottles. Milk Jar Ghost A spooky Halloween craft. Plastic Jug Halloween Jack-o-Lanterns Recycle clear plastic jugs into Halloween jack-o-lanterns or treat dispensers. Recycle Clear Plastic Jugs into Halloween Ghosts How to make Halloween ghosts by recycling clear plastic jugs and bottles.

Independence Day

Independence Day Party Wrapper Templates for USA and Canadian Independence Day party wrappers.

Mothers Day

Mini-Mannequin Jewelry Holder A one-of-a-kind Mother's Day gift. Handmade Mothers Day Card Patterns Four handmade card patterns. 'Mom u Rock' Paperweight A simple gift kids can make for their moms. Mother's Love Photo Holder Display your photos with love. Pretty Pen Pot A colorful Mother's Day gift. Spring Photo Flower Another Mother's Day gift idea.


Artifical Pumpkin A easy to make artificial pumpkin for Thanksgiving or Halloween. Fall Table Runner A colorful addition to your Thanksgiving table. Goofy Turkey Place Card Pattern Add some fun to your Thanksgiving table with this fun place card pattern. Golden Leaves of Autumn Place Cards A colorful place card pattern to print out on your computer. Rice Mix Recipe and Free Bag Topper Directions for making a bag topper for my rice mix, plus the recipe. Thanksgiving Coloring Book Turkey shaped coloring book to amuse the kids on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Doily Bowl A special holiday table decoration. Turkey Napkin Rings Clay napkin rings for your Thanksgiving table. Turkey Place Card Holder Decorations for your Thanksgiving entertaining.

Valentines Day

Foam Heart Magnets A very simple Valentines craft for children of all ages. Four Handmade Valentines Day Cards Patterns for four easy to make Valentines Day cards. "Cherish" Handmade Greeting Card Pattern A simple to make, but elegant handmade card. Etched Heart Champagne Flute with Beaded Charms An elegant romantic gift or party favor. Hand Painted Monogrammed Mug How to hand paint a monogrammed mug for festive gift giving. Heart Beaded Decor Candle These beaded candles are easy to make and appropriate for many occasions. Heart Shaped Jewelry Holder Pattern Directions for a no-sewing, padded jewelry holder. Heart-Themed Valentines Card How to make a heart-themed card for Valentine's or anytime you want to let someone special know you care. Painted Heart Champagne Flutes A romantic Valentines gift idea. Pin Weave Valentines Card Colorful Valentines keepsakes. Pretty In Pink Valentines Cards Three simple Valentines Card ideas. Puffed Heart Valentines Original Valentines gifts. Quilled Pastry Hearts with Key Lime Curd A crafty Valentines Day pastry recipe. Sweet Hearts Bookmark A easy to make Valentines gifts for the readers you love. Tea Bag Hearts Tea bag hearts make simple, but, special, Valentine's Gifts. Valentines Bagalope A cute Valentines Day gift bag. Valentines Crafts Ideas More simple Valentines ideas. Valentine Garland Candle A simple idea to dress up a candle for Valentines Day or any other holiday.

Year Round

Holiday Gift Bag Pattern An easy to make craft pattern for a Holiday Gift Bag. Lighted Holiday Potpourri Jars A festive, easy to make potpourri jar that makes a great gift or product for your craft business. Holiday Wine Glass Charms Pattern Brighten up your Holiday parties with these festive Christmas wine charms.
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