Fabric Articles

Incorporating Fabrics Into Your Crafts

Here are some craft uses for fabrics. The Lazertran Silk decals look especially promising for fabric decoration.

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Fabric Articles

Bubble Jet Tips - How to Print on Fabric
How to use Bubble Jet Set & Rinse to treat fabric so that you can print almost anything on it with your computer & printer.

Applying Fabric to Walls Using Starch
Starch makes it easy to apply and remove lightweight fabric from walls.

Easy Dyed Silk Scarf
An easy method for dying a silk scarf.

Fabric Flowers
How to make fabric flowers from cloth remnants and some uses for them.

Uses for Fabric Samples
Make gifts from fabric sample books.

Hanging Cloth Strips on Walls
Tips on lining up and applying cloth strips as wall decorations.

Hanging Fabric Baskets
Hanging fabric baskets can be made in many sizes to fit your needs and have many uses.

How to Transfer an Image to Fabric
How to image transfer to fabric using inkjet transparencies and gel medium.

Mixed Media Card
How to make a greeting card that combines digital and traditional card making techniques with a touch of mixed media art.

Oilcloth Covered Purse Accessories
How to make practical pretty oilcloth covered purse accessories.

Oilcloth Problems
Today's oilcloth is improved in safety and durability over the oilcloth of 50 years ago.

Painting on Nylon
Using the proper paints to decorate nylon.

Painting Silk
Painting silk using dye resist techniques provides a terrific way to learn silk painting.

Pet Collars and Totes
Three craft ideas for dressing up your pets.

Phoomph No-Iron Fabric Bonding Sheets
Phoomph No-Iron Fabric Bonding Sheets makes fabric crafting much easier.

Quilting & Technology
How to use technology to make custom fabrics and patterns.

Lazertran Silk Decals
A different way of customizing your fabrics.

No Sew Decorator Pillows
A simple way to dress up plain pillows.

Technique and Media Ideas for Fabric Painting
Knowing a mediumís base ingredient helps determine how to use it.

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